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Services: IT Consulting & Project Management, Help Desk, Infrastucture Management, Telecommunication

Client: Styrochem®, a world-renowned producer of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) for foodservice, packaging, construction, casting, and specialty applications. With over 38 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing EPS for various applications results in the most consistent and highest quality EPS products in the world.

The issue

After so much time in the business, sensing that their business’s needs were becoming increasingly complex, they had a necessity of a larger, more savvy IT team, with a broad skillset to keep them up to date and ahead of the competition. Their main problem was they were limited on resources.

On top of that, all production-related processes/results/operations were being managed through a labyrinth of excel spreadsheets instead of an application. This was slowing them down; their data was not centralized or readily accessible.

The solution

On the support side, we took over 40% of their support desk activity to alleviate the heavy workload hanging over the Styrochem IT team. Support is now performed remotely by our expert Atlanta based team. We’re happy to say that integration with the in-house support team was both rapid and efficient.

Next, we upgrade all of their company hardware and software to improve efficiency. To achieve this we installed an RDS (Remote Desktop Server), which improved efficiency as well as reducing costs. This is because RDS allowed software installation on the primary server, which was then transmitted to all computers. This was a more efficient choice than installing software licenses on all their individual computers. This allowed us to reduce the number of support tickets in the queue.

Next, we undertook to build a new ERP for inventory management and logistics. This was useful as it improved the current process and increased efficiency. A revamped database structure improved UI and tracking of employee results and monitored their involvement.

We then replaced all of their outdated technology and combined everything into Intranet and Active Directory. This allowed them to improve accountability, productivity and significantly reduce clerical errors.

The ERP’s beauty is that it’s highly customized using languages such as Laravel and MariaDB, which ensure a maximum level of security.

We also created a front-end design with a sharper focus on user experience.

We then transition the company to a cloud-based document repository that allows for collaboration with external users with no fear of compromising security. We used Nextcloud because they offered a higher level of protection than other services like Dropbox.

Finally, we standardized and modernized their equipment, such as security cameras.


They were very please with the results of our efforts. They experienced improved production that was more precise and efficient. They now have increased security features and security operations to protect their highly valuable, proprietary information. Things are running tighter, more efficiently, and there is more confidence in protecting valuable information.

Going Forward

We’re currently doing the Reactor Witnessing project to streamline and standardize recipe ingredients and processes. This will serve to reduce redundancies and create tracking for the creation of highly violate and specific chemicals in the manufacturing process. We’re now updating reports, sales, and customer documents, and the entire QA process.