Increased operational efficiency for a growing company

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Client: Imageworks, this is a company providing guidance and tools for digital marketing. Here was another example of an obsolete IT infrastructure creating security issues and sending performance into a nose-dive.

The issue

At the heart of Imageworks’problem was an obsolete IT infrastructure that slowed down performance and caused security risks across the company.

Data was spread among local computers, personal computers, USBs, and external drives, and there was no centralized location for any of it. They also lacked an active directory. A lack of standardization for software availability meant each user had a different set of software options, which caused slowdowns in productivity and discouraged better collaboration.

We saw an overall lack of unity in the operation. They had MS Windows individually installed not as a network; phone lines were connected to PSTN lines, there were no shared folders, no remote connections, and they had failed PCI compliance.

They also had security issues that needed attention. Their only security measure was an internet provided firewall nit a business management firewall, their Wi-Fi setup was open to anyone, and they had a lack of network switch infrastructure.

The solution

First, we implemented a flexible hybrid cloud system and installed an RDS (Remote Desktop Server), which improved efficiency and reduced costs. This is because RDS allowed software installation on the primary server, which was then transmitted to all computers. This was a more efficient choice than installing software licenses on all their individual computers.

Next, all servers were consolidated into one, virtualized, and then a back up was created for security purposes.

We then examined the support desk activity and took over 100% of the operation. 100% of the IT department is now managed by Luch tech. Support is handled remotely by our expert Atlanta based team with on-site provided when necessary. The Atlanta team is readily available to provide support, and that includes troubleshooting processes.

We then combined technology, HP switches, PBX, and PFSense firewalls. This reduced costs in licensing for hardware from Cisco and Microsoft operating systems and telecom.

We then took a close look at their data storage and data backups and decided it would be better to carve out any physical and convert it all to virtual. This reduces the possibility of hardware failure. We also updated their hardware/software to the latest technology to improve the user experience.

Then came time to deal with their intranet and internal IT process, a distribution file that centralized the company information was created. We then replicated all data on a separate virtual server for back and safety.

We installed PBX to create an efficient voice system, avoid additional licensing fees, and set up a VPN that allows employees to work remotely, including employees working between the U.S. and South America. We then installed full office 365 experience to enable cloud-based storage that will encourage and enhance collaboration, and we synchronized Azure with the active local directory.

Finally, we performed an IT installation for secondary customer service offices located in South America, set up Wi-Fi with access point controllers and Ubiquiti systems, and set up an IT security access system.


Consolidated data and a unified computer system as well as an active directory. We removed the obsolete tech and made their system much more efficient and secure. Virtual back-ups reduce the chances of lost or compromised data, and productivity is up across the company.

Going Forward

Our expert Atlanta based team will continue to provide 100% control over the support desk activity and manage the IT department. We will provide on-site help when needed and advise and answer queries about their new systems.