IT Tools Required for a Team’s Efficient Remote Functioning

Not long ago, remote working or in lay man’s language, work from home was considered a below minimum wage position. Companies were apprehensive of going remote just a few years back. There were concerns about the efficiency and productivity of a remote team.  

However, with technology today, you’re capable of finishing a reputed, high-paid job from any part of the world.  

In today’s landscape, which demands more flexibility and employee autonomy, your future office just might be in your living room. For the past five years, the number of people working from home has skyrocketed by around 170% and those digits are still climbing.  

With COVID-19, many conferences and business travels have been canceled. This has made more companies work from home and work remotely.   

However, with this comes a unique set of challenges. For a team, it might be a challenge to work together without face-to-face communication. There may be issues with the site, bandwidth connections, and other technical and management issues while working remotely.  

Here are a few IT tools that can make remote work efficient and productive for your team. 

Best Project Management Tools 

Technology provides solutions that reduce the hassle of constantly commuting via emails. Moreover, emails, without secure, end-to-end encryption can be a particularly dangerous platform to manage projects.  

Hence, a project management system assists a virtual team to organize documents and manage tasks in a better and efficient manner.  


Proofhub is one of the most trusted online project management software. It is used by hundreds of teams. Corporate teams use it to bring everything in one place without confusion.  

Here, team members can seamlessly interact with the other members and clients.  

It has ample features for a team to work smoothly. Some of its features include proofing, discussions, charts for feedback, and remote project management all in one place. It is a must-have software for teams that require a greater level of management proficiency.  


Instagantt is yet another powerful project management software, which assists in planning, controlling, and scheduling your projects. It is a super intuitive, amazingly built software that allows you to develop an accurate illustration of your project. This makes the software much more than just a Gantt chart creator.  

Communication is also a huge part of this software. It allows you to streamline the entire workflow and team collaboration, making it a perfect platform for remote functioning.  

It has plenty of useful features that enable you to create tasks and subtasks, templates for different projects, milestones, guidelines, notifications, automatic project scheduling, and much more. These features ensure that you’re 100% up-to-date with your projects.  

There are many advantages to this software, one of which is tracking meaningful details. These details can include information about deadlines, risks, priorities, and estimated costs and hours. It is also a perfect platform to manage different projects, clients, and teams effectively. 

Best Team Collaboration Tools 

With the advent of Multinational Corporations and distribution companies across the border, communication has become important. Communication barriers may occur if the team is not together in a room. However, they can be easily taken care of with the right IT tools.  

Troop Messenger 

Troop Messenger is a precise remote work tool for small and large enterprises. It is a high-functioning remote work tool with low-complexities that addresses various domain-specificities.  

Team members can interact via instant chats, audio, and video calls. It also facilitates file and location sharing, and there is no limit on the number of groups you can create on the platform.  

Troop Messenger allows members to add vendors, freelancers, and suppliers as orange members who have very restricted access to the workplace. It also allows integration of essential apps such as Google drives, Dropbox. All these features make it an efficient remote work tool, especially during this pandemic.  


Slack is a popular messaging remote work software that is loved by all. It is a convenient digital space that allows team members to communicate among themselves, share ideas, and make comments all in real-time.  

With Slack, you can have all your team members in one place so that everything moves swiftly. Slack channels allow instant messaging and collaborations for teams working remotely.  

What’s more? Slack offers fully native apps for iOS and Android to give complete functioning controls to the team. This makes managing remote team members a lot easier.  

Best Productivity Tools 

For working remotely in a home office, productivity is an essential element. Remote work holds no value if it’s not productive. Hence, managing a remote team means ensuring that everyone is at the top of their game, staying productive.  


Krisp is a noise-canceling software that allows remote team workers to be more productive. It eliminates noise from both sides of the call. This allows you and the other participants to take important calls from anywhere.  

This app can also be integrated with other conferences and calling apps like Zoom, Google meet, Skype, Slack, and many others. This optimizes your remote meetings with minimum interference.  


Todoist is the perfect app if you’re looking to geek out on the organization of tasks for your remote team. It includes all the core features such as organizing tasks, subtasks, creating projects, adding notes. It also comes with features like uploading files, setting reminders and flags, and adding productivity charts.  

Best Quick Feedback Tools 

Feedback for a remote team is as important as productivity and collaboration. Feedback enhances the team’s productivity and allows them to improve on things that they’re lacking. It also makes the team grow as professional remote workers.  

Chimp or Champ 

A good manager always looks after their employees’ happiness. They are always inclined towards making the team productive using positive reinforcements and recognitions.  

Chimp or Champs allows managers to connect with their team in the best and most simple way possible. It is an anonymous tool with a weekly employee happiness meter for checking on the team.  

It helps in improving employee well-being and achieve better results. You may use it to get feedback.  

Best IT Management Tools 

Although a productive remote working team is great, no one can control technical glitches. There may be instances when tools stop working smoothly.  

In those cases, having an IT team is of extreme importance for companies. A remote team cannot function without technical backups that provide immediate solutions to problems.  

In any case, having a help desk that solves IT problems adds to the productivity of the remote team. It enhances the efficiency of the employees and minimizes disruptions in work. 

We are IT solution providers who optimize your remote infrastructure management, telecommunication, and more. We provide a help desk for IT glitches and provide technical support to your team.  

Help Desk  

We outsource part-time and full time IT help desks that are available 24/7 to tackle any problem. We also offer virtual and on-site support as and when needed.  

Moreover, we have a ticket system that can be integrated into your current IT structure, with help desk reporting and analytics. Our support is available in English as well as in Spanish. 

Infrastructure Management 

Our IT department is dedicated to outsourcing for our clients. We have a 24/7 monitoring system, along with network server and infrastructure support.  

We also provide access to expert L1-L5 engineers. If needed, we offer network server and infrastructure installation services.  

Other than that, we offer a full-time desktop and application management service. Our services also stretch into cabling services, capacity planning, and video surveillance infrastructure.  

Our all-encompassing infrastructure management creates a stress-free, productive environment for the team. It allows them to focus on the important aspects of their jobs. Leave the technicalities to us, and you can focus on optimizing your remote team’s efficiency.  


Communication plays a huge role in keeping your remote team compact, precise, and connected with each other. A team’s communication determines the efficiency of work.  

Hence, our services include data and voice cabling that connects devices such as your PC, phone, or printer to the world of technology where all can function swiftly on a single interface.  

We also offer an intercom, overhead, or outdoor paging system. This allows you to announce, alert, or directly communicate with the people outdoors. It is usually used for emergencies and urgent notifications.  

Our services also include data circuits and internet connectivity, which plays a huge role in any team, whether working remotely or not.  

The Future of Remote Culture 

Remote culture is on the rise today. Employees are gaining the respect and flexibility that was a far-fetched dream just a few years back.  

That said, it is inevitable that IT tools use trial and error to come up with better management systems. However, looking at the pace with which technology is progressing, the day is not far when all firms will have at least one IT team to manage their remote system.